The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) is partnering with Financial Aid Services (FAS) to expand the adoption and use of the NASFAA P&P Builder. The P&P Builder enables financial aid administrators to create robust policies and procedures which fortify compliance measures and enhance training efforts. P&P Builder transforms static manuals into dynamic content and automatically alerts aid administrators to regulatory changes.

“NASFAA’s new online P&P Builder is the next generation in creating and maintaining the activities that guide financial aid administration," said NASFAA President Justin Draeger. “We are pleased to be working with Financial Aid Services to help those schools that need help in moving their existing P&P into this revolutionary system.”

"The partnership between NASFAA and FAS meets a critical need. We are excited to deliver this service to the financial aid community. Regulations are complex and changing constantly. Concise policies and rigorous procedures are essential to compliance" said FAS President David Gray. "NASFAA's P&P Builder is a powerful resource. Our experienced staff looks forward to helping schools use it effectively."

Visit our new Policy & Procedure Consulting Service page for more information. 

After working with FAS, we went from being a rudderless ship to one with extremely competent management, cutting edge technology and professional operating standards."

- Dr. Jon Larson | President | Ocean County College