Full Service Remote Processing

FAS becomes the institution’s financial aid “back office”.  A specialized team, working in the Atlanta office, provides Full Service clients with comprehensive financial aid processing support. With regular communication and detailed project reports, clients stay informed about the students’ financial aid.  The approach couples the daily tasks with the availability of experienced consultants when more complex needs arise.  Our consultants offer guidance on institutional and program eligibility as well as compliance and regulatory matters.  


  • Student Eligibility Determination
  • Experience using various Financial Aid Management Systems
  • Awarding, Disbursement Authorization and Aid Adjustments
  • Processing and Managing FSA Funds


  • Initial intake and information collection
  • Student follow-up and communication
  • Review of Needs Analysis
  • Awarding
  • Verification and C-Code Resolution
  • Federal and Private Loan Management
  • Federal Loan and Grant Reconciliation
  • Student-level Monitoring and Reporting (SAP, SULA, Gainful Employment)
  • Return of Title IV Funds Calculations
  • Loan Counseling
  • NSLDS Enrollment Reporting
  • Assist with FISAP preparation and submission – Consulting Service


  • Dedicated support from highly experienced staff
  • Adaptable to a variety of technology platforms
  • Standardized or client-specific
  • Exceptional audit history and quality control parameters
  • On-site processing at a secure location – FAS corporate office


   Case Studies


VCFA and FAS: A Well-Oiled Financial Aid Machine


Palo Alto University

FAS Gives its All to Palo Alto University


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Everything they do is so efficient. We’ve had clean compliance audits every year, and it doesn’t get any better than that."

- Ms. Katie Gustafson | Controller/Bursar | Vermont College of Fine Arts