SAP Satisfactory Academic Progress

Financial Aid Services (FAS) has designed a service to assist colleges and universities with developing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies and monitoring students’ progress. We work with campus leaders to ensure institutional policies comply with federal regulations and foster student success. We track qualitative and quantitative measures of progress by designated enrollment periods. Conducted remotely from our Processing Center, FAS’ experienced staff reviews students’ academic performance. We use institutional policies to identify those students who should be placed on financial aid warning, probation or an academic plan.

Consulting Services  

  • Offer guidance on setting institutional policies
  • Development of a “reasonableness test”
  • Review previous years’ SAP policies and impacted students  
  • Resolve errors from previous periods  
  • Provide advice on appeal polices

Processing Support  

  • Monitor progress by enrollment periods
  • Review and respond to students’ appeals  
  • Adjust award packages, as necessary  
  • Update automated system with SAP statuses  
  • Provide frequent reports to the institution  
  • Send notifications and explanation of options to students

Partnering with FAS to manage SAP gives clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing institutional policies are compliant with federal regulations and student progress is monitored accurately and reported in a timely manner.


By working with FAS, we were able to get the work done quicker than we were able to do alone and we benefited from the added perspective that they have gained from working with so many other colleges."

- Dr. Debbie Heida | Vice President | Berry College