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How can FAS help improve student satisfaction?

FAS can help clients achieve student satisfaction in a number of ways. Utilizing our Consulting Services, FAS consultants can offer customized solutions to improve and streamline services within the aid office. Utilizing our Assessment and Analyses Services, our consultants can pinpoint areas for improvement for more effective and efficient delivery of financial aid within the institution. Utilizing FAS Remote Processing Support Services, FAS staff can be the extra hands needed by your institution to successfully provide timely delivery of financial aid funds to your students.

Does FAS work with both public and private institutions?

Yes, FAS works with both public and private not-for-profit institutions. We serve not only those institutions on standard semester or quarter calendars, but also those with non-term and non-standard term calendars.

How will FAS match a consultant’s background with the needs of our school?

FAS works diligently to match our consultants’ talents with our clients' needs. We carefully consider factors such as software requirements, the type of institution, the client’s location, length of the engagement, specific issues the school may be facing and any unusual needs.

If my institution is putting out a Request for Proposals (RFP) for processing or consulting service, does FAS have resources to assist us?

Yes, FAS offers two industry resources that can be most helpful for institutions creating RFPs for processing or consulting services. Our “Senior Administrators Financial Aid Checklist” and "Choosing a Financial Aid Service Provider" are available free of charge. Request a digital copy from our Resources page.

How long is a typical engagement with FAS?

Engagement length varies with the type of service. The minimum engagement for Interim Staffing is one month or four weeks. There is no maximum length. For example, the average engagement for an interim director is currently four to six months. That is the average length of time it takes institutions across the country to successfully search for and hire a new director. We have also staffed offices for years at a time. Clients can count on FAS to be there as long as we are needed.

Consulting Services and Assessments and Analyses vary greatly depending on the needs of the client. An average Office Assessment for an institution with an enrollment of less than 15,000 requires four to five days on campus and a total of six weeks to prepare, visit and write the final report.

How can FAS help our staff better use technology?

FAS consultants have experience with all the common software systems. As part of our Office Assessment service, consultants offer recommendations for better technology utilization, which you and your IT staff can implement. If you need further guidance and hands-on support, we can offer assistance in a few of the most common software systems. For example, we have consultants who are “super users” of Banner.

What information would we need to provide FAS for an assessment of our operations?

For a typical Office Assessment, we ask for a variety of information in advance to make the most effective use of our time while on your campus. We would review your financial aid policies and procedures, the organizational structure of the financial aid office, all forms and publications that discuss financial aid with prospective and enrolled students, annual reports, recent audit and program review reports, and other information believed to be pertinent to our understanding of your institution’s environment.

FAS really listens to its clients and matches consultants not just with operational needs, but also with the personality of the college. That makes all the difference."

- Mike Quinn | Vice President of Enrollment | Randolph College