Are You Prepared for the Staffing Pressures This Spring and Summer?

You are not alone. Staffing vacancies and hiring challenges are impacting campuses nationwide. Today, more than 50% of financial aid offices nationwide operate at 75% or less of staffing capacity. Now FAFSA Simplification Complication is magnifying those pressures.

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Discover the Staffing Strategy to Elevate Your Financial Aid Office

FAFSA Simplification is significantly disrupting the student experience, enrollment goals, and financial aid operations. The campuses who are better prepared will have an advantage recruiting and retaining their students. This year’s compressed timelines create a narrow window for colleges and universities to process financial aid offers so students can make decisions. Even financial aid offices at full capacity will likely need additional resources to manage the compressed timelines. The challenge is greater for the many financial aid offices that are already underresourced. Your ability to navigate these changes confidently starts with a staffing model that supports your goals.

There are Multiple Staffing Models You Can Consider

FAS offers a variety of flexible staffing solutions that can be tailored to your unique situation.  To guide you through this selection process, we’ve designed a quick assessment with a few targeted questions to recommend which of our staffing models is the best fit for you. At the end of the assessment, we’ll ask for your email address with the option to share your results with leaders on your campus.

Your Challenges Bridged with Innovative Solutions

Our Staffing Solution isn’t just a service; it’s a strategic answer to the critical challenges educational institutions face today, from enrollment to operational efficiency.

  • Achieving Enrollment Success Through Strategic Leadership


    Your ability to confidently pursue enrollment growth starts with a high-quality team delivering on a timely financial aid process.


    Elevate your team strategy with access to senior-level, strategic leadership ready to implement solutions that propel enrollment growth.

  • Enhancing the Student Experience with Expertise and Efficiency


    Your ability to cultivate a premium brand for your institution starts with consistently first-rate student experiences.


    Master a competitive marketplace with access to student-focused, strategic leadership ready to refine systems that foster trust, transparency and a superior brand.

  • Solving Operational Challenges with Flexible Engagements


    Your ability to solve operational challenges starts with adaptable staffing solutions that allow for budget predictability and cultural team fit.


    Maximize operations with access to cost-effective, strategic leadership ready to solve key challenges without the long-term commitment and cost of full-time hires.

The FAS Assessment Advantage

  • Identify Your Ideal Staffing Model

    Quickly, determine if an Interim or Fractional Solution best aligns with your current needs.

  • Enhance Decision-Making

    Gain access to comprehensive solutions that empower you to choose with confidence.

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