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Reap the Benefits of Outsourcing

By: Jennifer Vaden, Student Business Services (SBS) Consultant Many institutions have been feeling the pinch since the pandemic hit, with resource scarcity becoming commonplace. The question of how to accomplish more with less is getting tougher to answer. Meanwhile, students and parents expect a high level of service and support. This has created an environment […]

The Financial Aid Operating Calendar – It’s a Date and More

By: Staff Financial aid offices keep track of dozens, even hundreds, of important dates.  These range from application processing cycles, regulatory reporting deadlines, and software updates to campus visitation events, staff meetings, and even personnel vacation requests.  So, a financial aid operations calendar gives institutions a real advantage.  It empowers the financial aid office to […]

Guidance on 1098-T and Pandemic Relief (HEERF) Funds

By: Christy Blakney, Student Business Services (SBS) Consultant First, The Good News Collecting and reporting correct information on IRS Form 1098-T seems to continually cause challenges. The good news is that there are no substantive changes to reporting for the 2022 tax year and past year challenges for properly reporting pandemic relief (HEERF) funds have […]

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