Consultant Insights

FISAP Corrections Due by December 15, 2023

By: Dawn Patak, Ed.D., FAS Senior Consultant The deadline for corrections to the FISAP is fast approaching. Changes, corrections, or edits to the Fiscal Operations Report for 2022–23 and the Application to Participate for 2024–25 (FISAP) must be submitted to the Department of Education no later than 11:59 p.m. Eastern time (ET) on Friday, Dec. […]

Critical Campus Partnerships in Administering Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs

By: Mr. Lawrence Britton, FAS Senior Consultant and Dr. Delinda Hall, FAS Executive Consultant Communications and the sharing of information among campus partners in the administration of federal student financial aid funding (Title IV) are critical as Institutions of higher education seek to successfully comply with federal regulations. All too many campuses are filled with […]

Customer Service Skills – Practice Makes Perfect! 

By: Joyce Lubeck-Sonenberg, FAS Senior Consultant It should come as no surprise that working in a typical school financial aid office can be, well… challenging.  Stepping into any FA office near the start of a new term, one can easily see why this can be so. It’s a busy place. Several students may be at the front […]

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