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Navigating the Maze of FAFSA Delays: Understanding your Next Steps

Preparing for the 2024-25 Award Year: Understanding the FAFSA Simplification Act

By: Tiffany Motyka, Ed.D., FAS Senior Consultant  The term simplification is defined as ‘to make simpler’ or ‘to make more intelligible’.  However, the FAFSA Simplification Act can appear to any college or university like the new requirements are the opposite.  The changes began in the 2021-22 Award Year when limitations on student eligibility related to […]

Challenges Deserve Solutions Master Class Episode 4: ‘Just in Time’ to ‘2 Steps Ahead’ on Compliance

A single financial aid officer can be expected to handle up to 2,000 cases each year. Imagine the pressure and the immense responsibility that comes with ensuring each case is handled accurately and in compliance with frequently changing regulations. What’s more, looming on the horizon is the pending FAFSA Simplification, set to streamline the application […]

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