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Challenges Deserve Solutions Master Class Episode 4: ‘Just in Time’ to ‘2 Steps Ahead’ on Compliance

A single financial aid officer can be expected to handle up to 2,000 cases each year. Imagine the pressure and the immense responsibility that comes with ensuring each case is handled accurately and in compliance with frequently changing regulations. What’s more, looming on the horizon is the pending FAFSA Simplification, set to streamline the application […]

Challenges Deserve Solutions Master Class Episode 2: Meeting Student Expectations

Higher Ed’s Landscape is changing. Students expect swift customer service, influenced by their experiences in the era of on-demand services. However, when it comes to financial aid in higher education, many institutions struggle to meet these expectations, causing frustration and anxiety among parents and students. The misalignment of expectations erodes trust in the institution, hampers […]

The Looming Enrollment Cliff

By: Robert Heil, CEO   You are likely aware of the impending enrollment cliff expected to hit higher education soon.  The cliff is a demographic trend resulting from a decline in the number of high school graduates in the early 2000s, Now that those students are reaching college-age, the metrics are clear – many college seats […]

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