Innovation from the CEO

Financial Literacy – An Essential Part of Student Success

Providing students and their families with the skills and tools to understand personal finance and money management has largely fallen to colleges and universities. While fourteen states have enacted legislation mandating personal finance training in high school, more than two-thirds of the country still lacks any formal training or education programs for students or parents. […]

What’s In The Numbers

In over 31 years, we have seen many trends in higher education that were shaped by financial aid. Each year, students go through the application process. Unfortunately, hundreds of those students never go any further. Financial aid offices typically send a request for information but do not actively recruit these students. Data we have monitored […]

How Service Restrictions Help Your Student Accounts Receivable

Students and their families often find themselves in situations where they encounter financial difficulties or have not planned out how to finance their education.  Confusion about the financial aid and student loan processes or failure to follow up with necessary information through verification or other school inquiries lead to late or no payments on their […]

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