Navigating the Maze of FAFSA Delays: Understanding your Next Steps

By: Robert Heil

FAFSA Simplification is shaking up yield season like nothing we’ve experienced before. The campuses that are better prepared will have a major advantage in recruiting and retaining their students. Those campuses that are less prepared may be in for a rough spring and summer. Preparation is going to make all the difference.

The ongoing FAFSA delays are going to stretch your admissions and student financial aid teams.

In this Guidebook

Developed by FAS Consultants and subject matter experts, this guidebook is designed to outline the best practices you should consider to overcome these difficult and unprecedented challenges. While each institutional situation will vary, we share these insights for you to consider and determine whether some or all of these best practices would benefit your students and your institution.

  • Key Themes:
    • Top Strategies That Will Benefit Your Institution.
    • Roadmap on Key Challenges to Anticipate This Season.
    • Tips on Preparing for the Upcoming Influx of Student Applications.
    • Objectives & Strategies That Reassure Trust to New and Returning Students.

We’ve condensed these strategies into a comprehensive guide, ensuring that you have expert advice a few clicks away. With this guide at your fingertips, you can confidently navigate the challenges ahead and drive your institution’s success.

In Uncertain Times, Experience Matters!

If you’re looking for guidance on how to better prepare your campus during this yield season, this guidebook is a must-read. FAFSA Simplification is impacting the recruitment and retention of students like never before. Those who are well-prepared will have a significant advantage, while those who are not may face a difficult spring and summer.

For over 30 years, FAS has been a leading provider of tailored solutions and expert support for institutions facing challenges like FAFSA delays. Don’t wait until it’s too late – prepare your team for what’s next by reaching out to FAS. Let’s tackle the ’24-25 year together and ensure your institution’s success .

For a more detailed account of what FAS can do for your institution, reach out here to start a conversation. 

Navigating the Maze of FAFSA Delays

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