Empower Financial Aid & Student Business Services

Financial aid and student business services are engines that power possibilities on campuses. When they are not empowered, goals are not met and students are not well served. FAS helps you unlock potential.


Your Enrollment Advantage


When you’re not responsive, you can lose the students you really want to attract. With FAS, you can stay ahead of the curve and enhance your opportunities to attract students.


FAS facilitates collaboration among departments toward campus-wide goals, with thorough training in customer service and communications.


FAS offers creative strategies to ensure that you’re quickly adapting to changing enrollment trends, students’ behaviors, and the latest formats of delivering education.

The FAS consultant was here during a time of transition; we were able to continue to function in terms of financial aid. He helped us bring in our freshman class.

– (Former) Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, Seattle University

Your Operational Advantage


Our experienced team members are available to partner with you on an interim basis, ensuring that you have the right person at the right time for each position.


Provide a more efficient enrollment experience for students and parents with a comprehensive plan from FAS. You’ll be more efficient, even during busy seasons.


Avoid the risks of missed deadlines, fines, and disbursement restrictions that come from being out of compliance. Our deep understanding of financial aid rules and regulations helps you significantly reduce risks.

After working with FAS, we went from being a rudderless ship to one with extremely competent management, cutting edge technology and professional operating standards.

– President, Ocean County College

Your Brand Advantage


We partner with you to deliver a memorable experience – free from mistakes and complications that can damage your brand. Students and families get an accurate, streamlined process.


FAS provides you with timely insights to seamlessly respond to new regulations and changing enrollment needs. And when challenges do come your way, we have customized solutions to help you address them.


Dissatisfied students will go elsewhere. FAS offers a consulting assessment that uncovers customer service issues that may impede the student experience and damage your reputation.

The outcome of having FAS here has been a remarkable turnaround with improved customer service and streamlined processes. They also built up the confidence level of our staff.

– (Retired) Associate Vice President of Student Services, San Juan College

Greater Enrollment.
Easier Operations.
Elevated Brand.

Let’s talk about the future of your financial aid and student business services.

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