Outsourced Processing

Too often, financial aid becomes a major challenge with multiplying risks. But, there is a better and more sustainable model. Our Remote Processing services keep operations running efficiently year-round, even in periods of heightened activity. We handle the back office work, so campus staff can focus on achieving operational, enrollment and student experience goals.

Full Service Outsourcing

Our full service model incorporates the entire back office operation. From the initial application until the last dollar is disbursed, we manage the process and keep you updated every step of the way. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees fast and accurate financial aid administration, ensuring your institution will always be in compliance.


  • student eligibility determination
  • experience using various financial aid management systems
  • awarding, disbursement authorization and aid adjustments
  • processing and managing federal student aid funds


  • student eligibility determination


  • dedicated support from highly experienced staff
  • adaptable to a variety of technology platforms
  • standardized or client-specific
  • exceptional audit history and quality control parameters
  • exceptional audit history and quality onsite facilitation at a secure location – FAS corporate office parameters
  • compatible with the widely-used ERPs or a homegrown system

Verification and File Review (VeriFAS)

Verification is one of the most time consuming and challenging steps in the financial aid process.  Highly skilled, experienced FAS professionals offer remote processing assistance with verification that is fast, efficient, and keeps you in compliance. Verification is completed faster, giving you more “hands-on” time with students. Students receive their aid offers sooner, which strengthens enrollment and retention.

Our VeriFAS approach includes:

  • establishing secure connectivity to your system(s)
  • utilizing the institution’s custom forms and information
  • standardize verification policies and procedures
  • resolving C-Codes
  • making all verification updates, corrections and notes in your system
  • options for electronic file sharing accelerate processing time and add extra layers of quality control
  • compatible with the widely-used ERPs or a homegrown system

Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) Processing

FAS partners with colleges to manage the requirements for returning federal funds to the U.S. Department of Education (Return of Title IV Funds – R2T4). This is a complete solution for managing R2T4s for students receiving financial aid who withdraw from classes.

  • identify official/unofficial withdrawals
  • determine completion percentage
  • available for use with widely used automated systems or via FAA-Access to COD
  • offered for all types of academic calendars
  • full audit trail of all action taken
  • required notifications sent to key departments; disclosures sent to students
  • quality assurance measures to crosscheck calculations
  • compatible with the widely-used ERPs or a homegrown system

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Monitoring

FAS assists colleges and universities with developing Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policies and monitoring students’ progress. We work with campus leaders to ensure institutional policies comply with federal regulations and foster student success.

  • monitoring progress by enrollment periods
  • reviewing and responding to students’ appeals
  • adjusting award packages, as necessary
  • updating automated system with SAP statuses
  • providing frequent reports to the institution
  • sending notifications and explanation of options to students
  • compatible with the widely-used ERPs or a homegrown system

Reconciliation Services

FAS can reconcile federal aid program and other fund accounts as required by federal or state regulations or at the request of an external scholarship donor.

  • reconciling fund account funds (such as Pell Grant & Direct Loan, FSEOG, state grants, and external scholarships)
  • resolving discrepancies between the student information system and the Common Origination and Disbursement (COD) system
  • working with the business office to identify discrepancies between the student information system, the students’ accounts, and general ledger fund accounts
  • alerting the business office to return unsubstantiated cash (cash on-hand)
  • adhering to regulated timeframes for reconciliation and the return or reallocation of funds
  • compatible with the widely-used ERPs or a homegrown system

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