Consultant Insights

CFPB Weighs In on Withholding Academic Transcripts

Withholding academic transcripts for outstanding student account or loan balances has been a primary debt collection tool for many years. Though recently under fire as harming many students (see our March 2022 Tip), this issue is drawing attention both from state regulators and legislators and, now, from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).  While 16 states have […]

Common Cybersecurity Mistakes and Easy Steps to Avoid Them

Clicking on a link or attachments in emails from what appear to be known senders. So much of our correspondence, business and personal, is by electronic means.  A colleague may contact you about scheduling a meeting. Or, perhaps you receive an email alert from your bank about activity on your account. It includes a link […]

Welcome to FAS’ Consulting Corner

Welcome to FAS’ Consulting Corner!  In conjunction with launching our new website, we want to use this space to share relevant information with financial aid and student business services practitioners. It’s a safe and reliable place to get the latest news on what’s happening in financial aid and student finance all around the country.  We’ll […]

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