Consultant Insights

A FAS-Track to New Academic Year Setup

By: Lisa Seals, Senior Consultant Ready for the New Academic Year? Getting ready for a new academic year can be a time of reflection or pulling your hair out.  It’s a time to determine what has worked well, what could be improved, and what must totally be re-evaluated or reinvented. Where to Start? All Student […]

Tips and Hacks for Effective Student Communication

By: David Glezerman, Executive Consultant As we approach the new year and start thinking about personal and professional New Year’s resolutions, it’s a good time to think about how to optimize how we communicate and interact with our students, families, and other institutional stakeholders. Too often, institutions have relied on a single contact method to […]

Administrative Capability, a Mammoth Challenge in Financial Aid’s Staffing Crisis

By: Bob Covey-Robbins, Consultant What does it mean for an institution of higher education to be administratively capable? Why is it important? Whose job is it to ensure that a school complies with administrative capability requirements? Administrative capability is carefully evaluated when a school’s application for certification or re-certification is reviewed by the Department of […]

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