Challenges Deserve Solutions

How financial aid offices are overcoming unprecedented challenges with innovative partnerships

In this thought-provoking Masterclass, CEO Robert Heil delves into the complex landscape of higher education, addressing the pressing challenges that institutions face in the modern world. Through insightful discussions and practical insights, this recorded session offers a comprehensive exploration of the key issues affecting higher education today.

  Offers discussion on staffing and hiring challenges

  Navigates issues surrounding the evolution of student needs

  Explores practical solutions to technological advancements

Gain insights shifting compliance regulations

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an aspiring leader in academia, this engaging and informative session provides a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing higher education and discover innovative solutions to shape its future.


Is your institution adversely affected by any of the four challenges outlined in the eBook or presented in the Masterclass? FAS is here to help! Click the link below to connect with one of our experienced consultants.

Episode 1 | Strategic Adaptations: There Are New Solutions

Episode 2 | From Hoping You Meet Students’ Expectations to Knowing You Can

Episode 3 | From Technological Capability to Digital Fluency

Episode 4 | ‘Just in Time’ to ‘2 Steps Ahead’ on Compliance

Episode 5 | From ‘Just in Time’ Staffing to Strength in Numbers

The Road Ahead: A New Era of Financial Aid Administration is Already Here

Bonus Episode | Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Adapting to Change

What’s Next?

Our team believes that challenges deserve solutions. We know how many challenges affect financial aid departments at higher education institutions. The good news? These challenges have solutions; new solutions, real solutions, and game-changing solutions. They come from empowering your existing team and optimizing your practices, and they create a better student experience—leading to satisfied students and better student outcomes.

Throughout the survey, campus leaders identified several recurring themes that form the framework for a better model for financial aid operations.  We look forward to sharing those findings in our upcoming eBook this spring. 

For a more detailed account of what FAS can do for your institution, reach out here to start a conversation, and watch out for our eBook for more information.

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