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Student Business Services leverages FAS’ 28+ years of higher education experience. Currently, we provide Interim Staffing and Assessments to assist institutions in improving operational efficiency, student satisfaction, and regulatory compliance in the area of student business services. FAS’ Student Business Services Team averages over 30 years of experience in the profession. Collectively, FAS has engaged over 1,800 clients. Our consultants bring unparalleled expertise in management and administration of student business services. 

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Business Office Assessments

Clients can choose their area(s) of focus. Through an intense, multi-faceted Assessment, evaluate the business office’s operations, policies and procedures, levels of compliance and staff. From the interactive advanced discovery process to the final report, experienced consultants will work with each client to develop and achieve their specific goals. We tap consultants with decades of “hands-on” business officer experience in a variety of campus settings.

Our Assessments provide detailed recommendations for:

  • Providing timely account information and high-quality customer service for students
  • Leveraging technology
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Maintaining high security and privacy standards
  • Strengthening operational controls
  • Improving cash flow
  • Reducing receivables
  • Optimizing use of vendor-contracted services (loan servicing, collections, campus card, 1098-T Processing, etc.)
  • Working with institutional business partners as a liaison
  • Building a best practice environment with state-of-the-art concepts
  • Promoting an efficient environment through cost savings or revenue generation

Interim Staffing

We provide interim staffing support on a short or long-term basis to keep business operations running effectively throughout the year, especially during critical times and peak periods. Our team has deep, specialized knowledge of bursar and business office operations and processes. These experienced consultants can serve in mission-critical roles during recruitment and searches or medical and maternity leave periods. We can provide additional support in times of heighten activity, such as registration, tuition-payment deadlines, and fiscal year-end. We also offer backfill support during large-scale projects and systems implementations.

Positions in Leadership, Management and Subject Matter Experts - We provide staffing services at all professional levels. This includes director, associate director, student accounts or cashiering manager as well as “super users” (functional experts) in the most widely-used student administration systems and ERPs. Our experts also can assist in handling compliance-related issues that impact the student experience and business office operations.





FAS provided everything we
had hoped for, and there were no
surprises from a cost and billing
standpoint. It was all pleasant as

Susan Coulston
Vice President
Chief Business Officer
Southwestern Michigan College