Charlene M. Ervin

Executive Consultant

Charlene Ervin has worked progressively in the financial aid profession for over 25 years. Serving in leadership roles at four-year schools in both the public and private sectors and two-year public institutions. As a Financial Aid Services (FAS) executive consultant, Charlene collaborates with higher education institutions to optimize the effectiveness of their financial aid operations via risk assessments and management. Charlene supports campuses by providing Interim Staffing, Consulting, and/or Office both an in-person and remote environment with a focus on compliance, recruitment, retention, and student satisfaction.

Utilizing software systems including but not limited to Ellucian products such as Banner and Colleague, Charlene has worked with campus staff to improve their business operations while maintaining data integrity of the various federal and state programs and systems. In addition, Charlene has direct knowledge and experience with overseeing Department of Education’s Program Reviews, State Audits, Heighten Cash Management and Accreditation follow-up reporting. Working directly with the Department of Education staff to ensure a positive outcome for the institution, Charlene utilizes her uncanny ability to identify risks to save institutions hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss revenue due to audits and program reviews findings.

In her most recent assignments, Charlene has helped to break down silos and facilitate communication between departments which are instrumental in administering federal aid programs. Listening and being flexible are qualities which are used to facilitate successful engagements. Charlene brings a breadth of professional experience serving in a variety of leadership positions of professional organizations. She was a member of the Long-Range Planning Committee and served as diversity chair and secretary of the Georgia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (GASFAA). Most recently, she served as the diversity chair of the Southern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Association (SASFAA). Currently, Charlene is an active member of SASFAA and EASFAA (Eastern Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators).

She received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from Bradley University.

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