Diana Crump


Diana Crump has nearly 18 years of student financial aid experience. This includes working with a financial aid processor as well as in for-profit settings. Diana came to FAS in 2023. As a consultant, she assists colleges and universities with interim staffing as well as leading training and development initiatives.

She began her career in financial aid as a Financial Aid Processor and then moved into Exit Processor and Financial Aid Processing Team Lead roles. She was then promoted to Quality Assurance Specialist. At Remington College, her roles included Student Finance Associate, Interim Financial Aid Director, Area Director of Student Finance and Financial Aid Support Manager.

Her notable accomplishments include being promoted to Interim Financial Aid Director and Area Director of Student Finance. Her most recent role is Financial Aid Support Manager where she supervised five Financial Aid Support Specialists and indirectly supervised Student Financial Services Representatives at 12 campuses. She created and compiled reference and training documentation for staff to use in their daily duties as well as provided impromptu guidance and coaching for all financial aid staff in addition to scheduled training sessions. She has experience with multiple program types, including standard, standard with modules, non-standard with FAC’s and clock-hour. Student Information Systems (SIS) and financial aid software with which Diana has experience include Banner, Anthology/CampusNexus/CampusVue, EdExpress and VA Once. She enjoys creating training materials and manuals as well as providing training and coaching to her teams.

Diana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a minor in Women’s Studies from Michigan State University.

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