Latrice Jones

Senior Associate Consultant

Latrice, a highly decorated military veteran with nearly 15 years of service to her country, brings a wealth of experience to the financial aid industry. Commencing her career as a financial aid assistant at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, she swiftly ascended to the role of student loan coordinator, a testament to her quick adaptability and unwavering commitment. Over the years, she has served in pivotal positions in various educational institutions, such as Financial Aid Manager and Assistant Director, demonstrating her expertise and leadership.

Throughout her career, Latrice has cultivated invaluable expertise in financial aid through collaborative endeavors with public and private universities and technical colleges throughout Georgia. Her professional journey has been marked by continuous growth, fostering a profound understanding of various financial aid components, including verification, state, federal, and private loan processing, reconciliation, Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), and managing federal aid, including Return to Title IV funds (R2T4) and the Federal Work-Study Program (FWS).

In addition to her professional achievements, Latrice possesses a wealth of interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills. She is proficient in various software systems, including Ellucian BANNER, Colleague, CampusLogic, Slate, Cognos, EdExpress, EdConnect, and the Department of Education’s suite of applications and website for administering federal student aid.

Latrice’s educational background includes a Master of Business Administration from Argosy University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Strayer University, complemented by NASFAA credentials in application processes and student eligibility.

Driven by her passion for excellence and a commitment to service, Latrice’s journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of professional growth and success. She continues to bring her unique blend of energy, optimism, and diligent creativity to every endeavor, ensuring the best outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

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