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Joyce Lubeck-Sonenberg is a veteran of the financial aid profession with many years of experience. This includes working in the two-year and four-year institutional settings. She began her career at Southeast Community College. In a few years, she ascended the ranks, holding positions of associate financial aid director, financial aid director and associate dean for student services. In addition to her work at Southeast Community College, Joyce served as a financial aid administrator for the University of Nebraska. Immediately prior to joining Financial Aid Services (FAS), Joyce was director of financial aid at Florida Keys Community College.

The variety of Joyce’s financial aid experience has given her unique insights to the needs of specific student populations. She has administered financial aid for students at every program level, including graduate/professional, baccalaureate and associate degrees. Joyce has a keen understanding of financial aid requirements for certificate and clock-hour programs.

Joyce highly values professional development. At each institution where Joyce has worked, she played a vital role in developing and delivering training to new and aspiring financial aid administrators.

She has been actively involved in financial aid professional associations at the national level and locally in Nebraska and Florida.

Joyce has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bellevue University.

FAS really has top-notch people. They are very professional and easy to deal with. It’s an organization I can trust and be assured that whatever they do or advise will be accepted by the DOE as being true and compliant."

- Eric Nelson | (Former) Vice President for Finance | Wesley College