Innovation from the CEO

Outsourcing Financial Aid: A Better Economic, Strategic, and Student-Centered Model

Processing financial aid records is one the most important yet complex steps for many financial aid offices. When not administered correctly or efficiently, it can create compliance risk or delays in students receiving their awards which has real enrollment and financial consequences. The recent staffing shortages throughout the industry have only magnified these challenges. Many […]

Welcome to FAS’ CEO Corner

At FAS, we believe your financial aid office and student business services should be activated to become your top advantage, generating greater enrollment, easier operations, and an elevated brand.   To achieve those goals, leaders need trusted sources for innovation and insight.  That is our intent for this “CEO Corner” of Innovations + Insights – to […]

3 Reasons You Need a Student Accounts Office Assessment

Most colleges and universities are finding themselves more tuition driven than ever.  Many institutions, especially small private colleges, are heavily enrollment dependent.  In a time when resources are running thin and students’ needs are more crucial and demanding than ever, institutions are more reliant on delivering services efficiently and effectively to attract and retain students. […]

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