Our assessments and analyses of financial aid operations create opportunities to enhance our clients’ ongoing capabilities. By assessing a school’s entire aid operation, analyzing staffing configurations and reviewing student files for compliance, our consultants can pinpoint opportunities to enhance service quality and effectiveness. The offices of bursar, admissions, registrar, academic advising and information technology can also be included in FAS assessments, related to their roles and responsibilities for the institutional delivery of financial aid. We offer:

Office Assessments

Clients can choose their area of focus for our intense, multi-day office reviews, which assess the untapped potential latent in a school’s operations, policies, procedures and personnel. Trained FAS consultants, who are practicing aid administrators, provide detailed recommendations that can speed up award processing, ensure compliance, improve cash flow, minimize expense and help better serve students.

Staffing Analyses

Our in-depth staffing analyses help schools identify and structure their financial aid staff to perform at optimum levels. We recommend ways to simplify processes, resolve organizational hurdles and best utilize technology to deliver services more effectively.

Compliance Reviews

Through confidential student file reviews, FAS can “red-flag” specific exceptions and liabilities, giving institutions time to correct problem areas before the auditors arrive.



   Case Studies

Logan University

FAS Helps Logan University Resolve Financial Aid Challenges


Palo Alto University

FAS Gives its All to Palo Alto University


Southwestern Michigan College

FAS Helps Update Procedures and Train Staff at SMC


Mott Community College

FAS Helps Mott Community College Conquer Enrollment Challenges


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FAS offers the kind of knowledge, professionalism, and high quality financial aid services that are consistent with changing federal regulations. Whenever we need help, I’ll be on the phone to FAS. Their services have been very valuable."

- Dr. Bill Froming | Vice President for Academic Affairs | Palo Alto University