Application processing tasks – creating student records, tracking documents, verifying eligibility, making awards and certifying loans – consume valuable time that financial aid staffs could better spend on other priorities.

Highly skilled, experienced FAS professionals offer remote processing support on a permanent or short-term basis to increase the speed of awards – improving student satisfaction, cash flow, student recruitment and retention. We provide:

Paperless Automated Verification Engine (PAVE)
A fast, fully-compliant approach to federal verification

Verification and File Review (VeriFAS)
Ensuring compliance with federal regulations and institutional preferences

Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)
Review and recalculation of federal aid for withdrawn students

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
Monitoring students' pace and program completion;review of student appeals

Full Service Remote Processing
A comprehensive approach to financial aid administration, incorporating the essential components of aid delivery, reporting and compliance management.

   Case Studies


VCFA and FAS: A Well-Oiled Financial Aid Machine


Northern Virginia Community College

FAS Helps Boost Student Satisfaction at NOVA


Palo Alto University

FAS Gives its All to Palo Alto University


University of Indianapolis

FAS Dots “i’s” and Crosses “t’s” for University of Indianapolis


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Typically, the financial aid office is blamed for creating bottlenecks. But we’ve demonstrated that our processes have gotten better, so other departments can feel more confident in our product."

- Mr. Robert Muhammad | Director of Financial Aid | Winston-Salem State University